The ROW includes technical experts and participants from NGOs, registries, and other institutions, in addition to observers from the MOU state governments. The participants include:

  • Daniel Nepstad, Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), International
  • Program Director, California, USA
  • Derik Broekhoff, Vice President, Policy, Climate Action Reserve, California, USA
  • Greg P. Asner, Professor of Geological and Env. Sciences, Stanford University, California, USA
  • Michelle Passero, Senior Climate Policy Advisor to The Nature Conservancy, California, USA
  • Peter Riggs, Program Officer, The Ford Foundation, New York, USA
  • Steve Schwartzman, Director, Tropical Forest Policy, Environmental Defense Fund, Washington DC, USA
  • Toby Janson-Smith, Senior Director, Forest Carbon Markets, Conservation International, California, USA
  • William Boyd, GCF Senior Advisor, Prof. of Law, U. of Colorado Law School, Colorado, USA


  • Jason Gray, California Air Resources Board, California, USA
  • Lauren Faber, Assistant Secretary for Climate Change Programs, Environmental Protection Agency, California, California, USA
  • Ricardo Martinez, Deputy Secretary for Environmental Justice, Tribal and Border Affairs, California Environmental Protection Agency, California, USA
  • Fernando Rosas, Advisor to the Secretary of Treasury, Secretaria de Hacienda, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Mónica Julissa De Los Rios de Leal, President Advisor, Institute of Climate Change and Regulation of Environmental Services, Acre, Brazil
  • Ludovino Lopes, Advisor, Institute of Climate Change and Regulation of Environmental Services, Acre, Brazil
  • Rosa Maria Vidal, Director, Pronatura Sur, Chiapas, Mexico
  • Alejandro Callejas, Undersecretary, Secretary of Environment, Housing and Natural History, Chiapas, Mexico

The ROW is facilitated by the Green Technology Leadership Group, a non-profit organization based in California.